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    Intoducing our Photocatalytic Reactor
    The Solution to world's water problem
    The latest technology available today
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    Introducing the Alphanumeric text Encryptor
    The only inviolable system for data encryption in the world.
    Know more here!
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    Committed to Society
    Our mission, is to change the world

Our Services

We are industry leaders with a very long history, 20 years of experience support us.
This is what we do.

Branding campaigns

We develop and implement branding campaigns, as a result our clients are widely recognized and positionated as leaders in their fields.This involves communicating what the company does and how well it does it, and providing a way to bring that information to mind in an instant customers will associate the company and its reputation with every product and service that company provides.

Political campaigns

We improve and potenciate the candidate's public image, we develop particular solutions for each candidate and implement those in a variety of ways, such as posters, media advertising and viral content. Also we ensure to use only the most original and creative content, we ensure no other candidate uses similar resources and the information doesn't spread outside our consulting group.

Commercial campaigns

We want our clients to be absolute leaders in their areas, that's why we create original and poupular content that is used to promote their commercial activities and allows them to scale into another level of communication.

Work at heights

We are the absolute leaders in works at height, big buildings and towers painting services, regular and spectacular billboards, we have the latest technologies and we use appropriate security measures to ensure the safety of our employees.

More than 20 años of experience support us.

We count with High Productions logistic support, leader company in work at heights in Patagonia, Argentina.

World changing projects

Photocatalytic Reactor - Saber más

Ozonized-oxigenated waters, health source. The Machine of the Future is the solution for world's water scarcity, taking water in any state to its highest purity, using the THROXI-OZONE-PHOTO-CATALYZER technology.

Know More - Alphanumeric Encryptor

An inviolable data encryption system, it allows the effective implementation and secure transfer of all kinds of data, it's invulnerable, fully operative and versatile, it can be adapted to many corporate, business, logistic and governmental activities.

Our History

Nace High Productions , is born in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina with the idea of offering a solution for local business works at height.

Due to our high quality service, PepsiCo hire us to develop its local branding campaign.

This period is focused on continuous development, we invest and acquire advanced technologic tools that are then used in our works.

We develop local Coca-Cola branding campaign, and became the first choice for international companies based in the patagonic region.

We overcome the hard times Argentina is having due to economic and political crisis and consolidate our firm thanks to our view an sense. We grow and expand our business.

We incorporate LED based technology as another service, at this point we start bringing consulting services in advertising and public image, our clients increase their incomes as never before .

Constant innovation leads to the creation of a new company: High Producciones y Servicios is born, national and international consulting services are now fully integrated to our existing ones. After 20 years of work and experience we now consolidate as the Patagonic region best consulting services providers.

Evolution and innovation is our company's essence , that's why HighPyS, Consulting Firm boost Megaprojects with potential to change the world and human life.

Luis Horacio Agüero, CEO HighPyS, Mega Projects Consulting Firm

We are the Mega Project consulting firm that will help and change the World.

We have the project that will change the world and transform the reality of milions of people.

Our mission is to change the world

Every Megaproject we take, has the power to change the reality of millions of people around the world.
The time to change the world is right now, at this moment!